Galactic Enterprise

Seeking Ways to Improve the Human Condition

The Galactic Enterprise directly linked to its own non-profit organization is one way we propose to achieve our stated mission. As a living model we will not only demonstrate our ideas but invite the world to come see, feel, and touch it for themselves.

We do not believe in the bandage approach to solving problems. Ours is a world view. What we offer is long-term solutions and a vision of one possible future for humanity. The view of the Galactic Enterprise is the long view. We look to improve the future hopes for all humanity.

We believe that the answers to world problems cannot be found through extremes. Religious, social, environmental, economic, and other such extremes are what is tearing apart the very fabric of our existence on this world. We believe and propose to demonstrate a more moderate approach to life is not only beneficial but a healthier way of life for both the planet and the individual. 

By design we are in business to make money in order to fund the United Earth for Peace Project, our proposed research and outreach program designed to educate people on how to improve the quality of their own lives. We hoped that in time our outreach program would not only help people with educational assistance, but with physical and onsite technical assistance as well. A hundred percent of our revenues and donations (after minimal operating costs) will be used to fund our proposed United Earth for Peace Project.

One of our goals is to create a living work of art and within that artistic framework also create a demonstration model of a new habitat, social, and economic design. It is hoped the this will also become the financial base for all our future endeavors.

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