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We maintain several educational and entertaining websites for all age groups as well as our company and other associated websites.

www.GalacticEnterprise.com (the story), one of our main websites, is a very loosely fictionalized version of our business plan.  It is a science fiction fantasy world, a literary work always in progress.  It's a story about a spacecraft the size of a small town that is about to embark on a journey to visit all the planets in the solar system. Rated: PG (overall) This web site was completely revised and we continue to turn it into a more interactive story but you can always wander around and look at stuff.

www.GalacticEnterprise.com/ShipsComputer is a real character in the story of the Galactic Enterprise, and an informational and educational tool we are working on.  This is a growing collection of notes on a wide range of topics and it is where we keep some of our other stories too.

www.StarfighterCommand.com is another science fiction fantasy that came about when we joined a site fight team called the Starfighters.  It started as a simple collection of short stories to entertain my teammates and grew into a sizeable collection of short stories that told an even larger story. Rated PG 13

www.CandyAppleAndroid.com is the tale about the first personal companion android. Besides being the first of her kind she was also the first android to kill her owner. A little erotic for a more mature audience. Rated: R

www.GalacticEnterprise.com/mayflower  is just a space travel advertisement. If you ever wanted to get away from it all just add your name to our waiting list.

www.UnitedEarth4Peace.org is our web site where hope to we do more than just protest the whole concept of war and complain other worldwide problems.

www.CybertronRobotics.com - Making only the very best androids. We had to make Candy somewhere.

www.GalacticEnterprise.org (the business) is as much an artistic endeavor as it is a philanthropic one.


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