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Sustainable energy is a technical reality. Coal fired power plants and nuclear reactors are archaic relics of the industrial revolution that just won’t die. The waste from these power plants pollute the land, air, and water around them.

Power companies want you to believe that you have to stay connected to the electric grid to live a quality life. They tell you that sustainable power is a myth. They want you to remain a slave to their system so they can keep taking a share of your hard earned labors. The last thing that they want you to know is that free or low cost abundant energy is available right now, and that you don’t need to be connected to their system to have it.

Sail boats can remain at sea for months at a time. Recreational vehicles don’t need to be plugged in to work. They both work primarily on low voltage. With things like LED lighting, low voltage systems are becoming more and more practical. With boats and RVs, low voltage system have been around for a half a century or more.

There is a need for demonstration models to show the world what is possible and to encourage research into even more sustainable technology.

In an effort to be self-sustaining we sell artistic products and tell stories that you can read for free or purchase through Amazon.

Our stories are spread out across the Internet and time and space, but telling stories for free doesn’t pay the bills.


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A few years ago we were afforded the opportunity to buy an old 33 ft. RV for $500; a 1982 REVCON to be exact. It was full of junk, rats had eaten through much of the wiring, and its front wheel drive was buried up to its axle from sitting on soft clay for more than 2 years. But, it only had about 25,000 miles on the engine.

Cleaned up and primed it didn’t look half bad from the outside. The inside was a different story.

The goal is to convert it to a portable office and mobile art piece to go with the ever evoloving Starfighter Command story theme. And, to prove that an unplugged, off grid alternative lifestyle is possible.

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We’ve spliced a lot of the wiring where the rats chewed through. We replaced all the flexible brake lines and all the brake wheel cylinders. Replaced one of the windows. Then we went to work cleaning and painting the inside with ceramic paint to help with environmental control and  made by a company who did heat shields for NASA.

Ever evolving, there is still a ways to go. We need the 500+ watts of flexible solar panels for the roof, and computer systems. One of them a stand alone system; no Internet connection required. And, then a bunch of new low voltage appliances and other low voltage toys. Something to demonstrate you don’t need 120 volt of electricity to live well anywhere in the world.

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