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Our Basic Plan

United Earth for Peace Project

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While trying to improve the quality of life for all of humanity, one of the goals of the Galactic Enterprise is to establish a non-profit organization (United Earth for Peace) and to build a research center for the purpose of inventing new technology to be used in third world countries. We believe that there is a need to invent new technology that can be transported to even the most remote areas of the planet. In a very real sense we will try to bring to life the technology only seen in science fiction movies and TV shows like Star Trek.

Imagine being able to send a major medical center to the scene of a tragic accident or earthquake on a moment's notice. Consider having the ability to relieve starvation in the world simply by dropping in a machine that could produce water taken from the air, and food synthesized from soybean and other vegetable products (also dropped in). Medical centers in third world countries around the world could all benefit from improved diagnostic equipment. Improved agriculture techniques, better housing, machine teachers that can instruct children in any language. The list is endless for new kinds of technology that could be invented or improved upon to improve the human condition all around this world.

This is truly a galactic enterprise on which we have embarked. This kind of adventure is not something we can do alone. We need your help. We have a few partners and friends, but we need help of everybody who has the means to give a dollar or two to help us push forward with our goals. How far and how fast we can accomplish our goals will depend on those who are willing to become our friends and partners in this galactic enterprise. A quest to help raise the quality of life for all of humanity who lack the most basic elements necessary for living that most first world countries enjoy.

Won't you please help us?

There are several phases of growth we plan to achieve in the next few years. The first phase is an organizational phase. The first stage is to set up the basic structure of our business and our non-profit organization (United Earth for Peace) and develop our business strategy and business plan. At this time we will establish company policy, define job descriptions, finalize our project design, and develop any other core business elements we may need. Toward the end of this first phase, our presence on the Internet and our ability to communicate with the rest of the world will be expanded, and we will begin actively seeking funding for our project.

The second phase is the construction of our main facility designed to be built in modules as funds become available. Our facility is designed to be a living work of art, a small encapsulated village, a tourist based business that will enable us to house most if not all of our staff, guests, and residents. Through this design of our facility, it will not only enable us to sustain ourselves economically but also allow us to study the psychological, social, and economical dynamics of living in a compact habitat design.

The third phase is the expansion of our United Earth for Peace Project and its intended outreach program. This is where we will physically send advisor teams out to help those in need. We hope that when we send these teams out that we can back them up with whatever physical materials they may need.

Presently, we are nearing the end of the first phase of our operation, and beginning the second phase of our plan.