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This story started out, like all good stories, with an idea. I began the Galactic Enterprise in the early 1990s as a never-ending online story, except after a couple of years, I kind of ran out of story. This, of course, can be a bit devastating to a never-ending story and the store that goes with it.

Fortunately, I got distracted filling in around the story with things like the Ship Computer and its private literary collection. Searching for ways to advertise, added Starfighter Command, mighty defenders of the planet. That is proving helpful as we introduce the game, Space War, to the world. A game you can play online with a friend.

Candy Apple - Android was an old story with a new twist, but then we had to make Candy somewhere, so Cybertron Robotics was born. The Galactic Enterprise needed a media center, and so the New American Revolution Freedom Fighters is an expansion of a story in the Galactic Examiner, the online tabloid of the Galactic Enterprise, where we poke fun at the planet below.

There is so much to this story. We are something more than a unique, entertaining art gallery online. We want you to become part of the story and what we are trying to do. This story was designed to be more than just something to read; it was designed to be explored and touched. It was designed to be part of your life. - Story Map

More Than a Story

In 2012 it was estimated that using a poverty line of $1.25 a day, 1.2 billion people lived in poverty. Given the current economic model, built on GDP, it would take 100 years to bring the world's poorest up to the poverty line of $1.25 a day. 1.2 billion people would love to have a solid roof over their head and strong walls to keep the weather out. You don't need to be rich to live like a king, but you do need a roof over your head to live at all.

The United Earth for Peace Project (UEP) is our project to try and unite the people of the world together for the cause of peace.  Only when we truly become a united world and peace reigns will worldwide hunger and human suffering come to an end.

We began our project by asking, what are the most basic needs of humanity? Sufficient food, clean drinking water, and housing; following that is healthcare and education. We asked ourselves what does one need in a dwelling to live a minimal lifestyle detached from a system that holds humanity hostage? Protection from the elements, safe drinking water, clean cheap electrical power, computer/Internet/phone - worldwide communications, healthcare, education to name a few things that should be basic human rights in order to live a simple dignified life.

Designed to draw attention, our mobile urban design laboratory and office allows us to test and perfect an individual sustainable habitat design while educating the public about the needs of a world where most of the inhabitants live in poverty.

A 33-foot REVCON King, our recreational/assault vehicle, we want it to become a demonstration model for alternative energy and an alternative lifestyle wrapped in a storybook form in a universe all its own.

As we draw attention to ourselves and some of the issues facing the planet, we look for solutions and have begun to create a database of a sort for a collection of answers to the basic needs of humanity of how to live and improve their circumstance in life.

There are a lot of answers already out there for many of world’s problem, but not really someone who is actively searching for and consolidating all those answers in a single place available to an impoverished world online at no cost even though we still ask for donations if you use the information we have gathered on our website. And, where there are no answers we intend to search for them ourselves.

All of this takes money, money we don’t have at present. For now, we are just trying to fund the repairs, various upgrades, and the advanced technology to create our mobile urban design laboratory. We have already spent thousands on our mobile design laboratory and thousands more on the designs and maintenance of all our websites and online stores over the years. For now all we are asking is for a little help to finish our mobile urban design laboratory and perhaps sponsor some of the products we will eventually use.

Plans for future additions and upgrades is a functional medical examination table/bed the likes of which could be used in any third world clinic or urgent care center to improve medical diagnostics and care in rural areas around the world.

Also, we are planning for two computer systems. One, a desktop designed for graphic design and video graphics, and our backup computer. Our backup computer is a computer system designed to stand alone and operate without Internet access, complete with games, music, educational videos, business software. A demonstration stand-alone computer system for the third world that would work even better with Internet access.