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United Earth for Peace Project

Sustainable energy is a technical reality. Coal fired power plants and nuclear reactors are archaic relics of the industrial revolution that just won’t die. The waste from these power plants pollute the land, air, and water around them.

Power companies want you to believe that you have to stay connected to the electric grid to live a quality life. They tell you that sustainable power is a myth. They want you to remain a slave to their system so they can keep taking a share of your hard earned labors. The last thing that they want you to know is that free or low cost abundant energy is available right now, and that you don’t need to be connected to their system to have it.

Sail boats can remain at sea for months at a time. Recreational vehicles don’t need to be plugged in to work. They both work primarily on low voltage. With things like LED lighting, low voltage systems are becoming more and more practical. With boats and RVs, low voltage system have been around for a half a century or more.

There is a need for demonstration models to show the world what is possible and to encourage research into even more sustainable technology.

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